Business Cases

Application Risk Assessments for Privacy Legislation

Application Risk Assessments for Privacy Legislation

Risk assessments of applications and processes are required to meet and achieve compliance with international privacy legislation.

Production risk programme

The adoption of a production risk management framework has increased due to the complexities of company compliance and external operating risks. Procensus enables the swift implementation of an operational risk management programme.

The challenge of traditional risk assessments…

Operational risk management is still in its infancy. As such, it’s usually done manually. The tracking and assessment of applications, people and processes is very time-consuming and error-prone as a result.

… and our response

Procensus provides the framework and standards that allow a basic computer user to complete a detailed application risk assessment – and its ease of use will ensure mass adoption.

Procensus automates the risk assessment process. Our framework links assessments, workflow and risk rating to provide a data lake from which data intelligence can be drawn.



Procensus delivers near real-time risk assessments, to report on the ongoing behavior, performance and health of all your production applications.

Our solution is scalable and efficient, with a real-time configurable dashboard that highlights all your operational risks in one place.

Procensus provides data-driven intelligence and insight into your business. Reduce risk and improve operational efficiency sustainably.