What will it do for my business?

Procensus has an easy step-by-step process that enables you to fully understand and manage your organisation’s operational risks. For a complete overview, see the adjacent video.

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Risk Assessment Tools to help identify high risk applications

Application Register

Enrich your data to provide and link operational risks, processes, applications, categories, business units, policies and regulations.

Application Risk Profiling

Track and understand the inherent risk of each item in your register. Know what will have the highest impact in the event of a crisis.

Application Controls Assessment

Measure the implementation and effectiveness of each control in reducing risk and improving your compliance.


With each profiling and controls assessment completed – whether it’s for risk, compliance or audit – Procensus provides the required lens to see and interpret your maturity. This allows you to present to management the current operating state of the business and improvements over time.

Resilience Log

Effect improvements and track your maturity in addressing your business’s risks.

Procensus Built-in Assessments

You can customise or create your own profiling and controls assessments. Alternatively, Procensus provides the following:


The Procensus NIST questionnaire helps you assess your cybersecurity resilience.

Information Privacy

This is a detailed questionnaire in line with international privacy legislation. It can be used to directly address South African privacy requirements (POPIA) as well as the GDPR.


This questionnaire helps your business determine key compliance of processes to secure credit card data.

Business Continuity

Ensure critical standards and controls are maintained over time, ensuring recovery in the event of an incident.

Procensus provides data-driven intelligence and insight into your business. Reduce risk and improve operational efficiency sustainably.