Assess your production risk with our intelligent cloud software

What can it do for my business?

Procensus is a powerful assessment tool that enables you to vastly improve the risk posture of your business. Create a centre of excellence, improve reliability, reduce your risk and drive a culture of resilience through the ongoing evaluation of your applications and processes.



Procensus automates all your manual profiling and assessments, dramatically reducing effort and improving business resilience. Features include a processes and applications register, workflows for risk profiling and assessments, and real-time reporting via a user-friendly dashboard – supported by preloaded questionnaires for ISO27001, NIST and the GDPR, to determine your process maturity and risk to business.


Track high-risk and non-compliant business processes.

Centrally manage your risks and treatment plan with our cloud software. Procensus builds reliance into your operations through the effective identification, assessment and reporting of high-risk areas. Procensus ensures accountability from all stakeholders by tracking their involvement in reducing risk.


You don’t need an army of auditors.

Assess your compliance, governance and controls with Procensus. It replaces an army of auditors by using data-driven intelligence and automated workflows – from identification to treatment of risk. Our software’s simplicity allows a single user to manage your operational risk landscape.

Procensus provides data-driven intelligence and insight into your business. Reduce risk and improve operational efficiency sustainably.